smartwater, 1 Liter, 6 Pack

Pack of six, 33.8 Oz (1L) per bottle of vapor distilled water with electrolytes added for taste
Glaceau Smartw-a-t-e-r is pure, vapor distilled w-a-t-e-r with the right balance of electrolytes. Sourced from nature's purest spring w-a-t-e-r and conserved in its original state. Taste the difference and allow yourself a refreshing experience that will keep you hydrated all day long. Glaceau Smartw-a-t-e-r Electrolyte Enhanced w-a-t-e-r 33.8 Fl Oz plastic bottles come in a pack of 6. Ingredients: Vapor Distilled w-a-t-e-r + Electrolytes (Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride And Potassium Bicarbonate).

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Legal DisclaimerSome states impose a bottle deposit fee on certain beverages shipped to those states, and Amazon may not be able to ship these beverages to all locations.
Number Of Items6
Package Quantity6
Part Number786162102812
Product GroupGrocery
Publication Date2014-05-22
Release Date2014-05-22
Size1 Liter (Pack of 6)
Sales Rank39

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